South East Faith Forum, 2011:- People looked at my

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South East Faith Forum, 2011:- People looked at my T-shirt and took me for a crazy man. On 11 April, 2011, I went to Guildford, Surrey, U.K. to attend the Annual regional Faith Forum. Around 150 attended it and I was the only one putting on the Fishing Nett, the T-Shirt with so many Logos written that some thought I was a crazy man. Of course, they were right as a Fisherman carries his net to sea to catch fish, so we carry our Net to Fish spiritual men, the masters of their own destinies as the born blind person of John 9 was, to Fish such solitary men. Women could not be fished as they are the ones who do what their master Pope tells them to do. To be a Fisher of Men is not a Joke as there are hardly any who would be interested in Gospel. Such a person would stop you to ask questions and he longs to have His Word. That is, we do not impose our wills upon others as the Rabbis used to do but we walk ahead of our Father's predestined Sheep and they would hear our Voice and would come to us to seek His Word. Such people are rare; one in a thousand and the other mostly would laugh at you for a crazy man. In Jesus, we know our intrinsic values and we damn care what the people think of us. Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was also mocked for uttering His Word and that is why Christ Jesus told His Labourers not to disclose to the general public especially the Jerusalem Rabbis drunk with the old wine as we have today University Professors who would like to mock at me. So, do not be discouraged by the taunting remarks of the general public and put on the Net of God to Fish spiritually solitary Virgin Men of both the sexes. My T-shirt designs are on my web site and the local printer will print ot for you for £5 or so. I give them FREE as you cannot sell what you have received FREE from our Father. People who put on copyrights are working for Mammon and not God and their Hymns make no sense or they are anti christ.

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