Currency collapse, and the push towards slavery!

I am afraid this site after coming here for at least 5 years has been compromised... The Internet, and sites like this one where my last hope for free, and uncensored speech..... No matter how "UN-PC"... I guess I should be happy though...?? If THEY were not so afraid of my, and MANY, MANY, MANY others like me, and OUR message of Zionist supremacy, and Bigotry, and flat out HATE for the rest of humanity..!! And THIS was all just a bunch of BS..?? Then they would just leave up our videos, and leave US MANY alone!! So it is their FEAR of the truth, which is ALWAYS[!] their motive for THEIR censorship!! That also compels them to "act-out" their hate towards the TRUTH, and those with whom they either secretly despise our do not share their same views, and opinions!! THE EXACT OPPOSITE of free speech, and the Untied States Constitution!!!

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