David Icke Colleen Thomas: Con-Artists That Failed

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Apr 15, 2011
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As the population grows we see more and more Dan Brown wannabe's such as David Icke and Colleen Thomas trying to take advantage of the weak minded individuals by feeding them false information for profit, some worse than others, videos on Colleen Thomas's site show her now trying to sell Crack and Meth Pipes to her brain dead listeners.David Ickes Sell Videos About Masonary from his site profitting from his free mason connections.

They lie to weak people and in many cases take the last dimes they have to tell them a made up lie that they supposedly need if they want to live.

People Like David Icke And Colleen Thomas should be held accountable for the thousands of families they have destroyed with their unprovable stories that make some people change their lives completely destoying their families in the process.

There is also talk online about a Class Action Lawsuit against David Icke for his fraud and that he should give most of his profits back or to a science that can produce results and get some good use from all the money he has basically stolen from people for his ficticious books.

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