What is the Question Not WHY!!!

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Ok its clear! The Culling is necessary to achieve the next stage of Human Evolution, the house must be in order before we can entertain guest! Quite naturally Evoking Chaos, is done so to attract its opposite ORDER. This idea is not my own but from A Latin expression, Ordo Ab Chao: meaning Order out of Chaos. There is no future for a docile, chaotic, fearful Man out in the Void, he must be a complete being.

The instrument used for expression in our Field of view (The Body) is only a tool. It would be irrational to abort a project because the instrument or tool being used is no longer adequate or needed. A new tool/instrument would be selected, the project continued to completion. The same applies in life, when The Body is no longer adequate to perform the duties in trusted, a new Body is selected as a tool of expression to further the advancement of our true essence.

Great system if all tools and instruments are being made with the highest of standards in mind, I think it safe to say that this is not the case with the Human body in its current state but with Science as a weapon it is suggested that immortality could be just on the Horizon, Super Solders, Aryan Race, The Nazi Agenda, Georgia Guide stones all express the same = Mastery of the human body and the environment in which he chooses. If this be the case then I wish them success in their endeavors, they have made it abundantly clear that Homo sapiens can no longer continue to operate from the black squares of ignorance, Still No issue there for me, My concern is, the urgency, whats the RUSH.

The question that burns in my mind is pivotal and the key to understanding the motives and reasoning behind action taken: Once Homo sapiens are fully operating from the white Square of Brilliance who or what will step onto the Chess board of our Solar System to occupy the lonely corridors of Ignorance or The Black Square. In my opinion, (recognizing I also am working from a place of GREAT Ignorance, trying to catch a glimpse of the Light) I feel this could be one of the most Important Questions! What are they preparing for, what might have they discovered in The Void that has them so, A Matter of Fact?

Yes yes yes, Order will be restored, and a tower to the heavens built but beware! We have all heard tall tales of beings coming to destroy Mans progress to the Stars. Do not dwell of the crime, Action, the CAUSE. It is only the means used to attain a desired reaction.

The Man in Action is in control and can't be persuaded or tempted. The Man who is RE-Acting/Reacting is a slave with no signs of critical thinking skills, no comprehension of self, be it Physical Mental, or Spiritual. They are the true Zombies of this world, blank, nameless and intellectually broke.

I make all my Vids with Action. Please take a moment to evaluate your feelings, think about the Energy created from that feeling. Now understand that the energy created by you now belongs to me, for my Videos are a Cause Made to achieve a desired affect that would produce the energy you have now willing transferred to me.

Thank You and please WATCH AGAIN!!!

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