Witness to Roswell:The Brown Family (Odd Must See)

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In 1996. Nabil Shaban was sent on an assignment from British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) to locate and interview Beverley Bean, whose father, Sgt. Melvin E. Brown, was an American soldier, stationed in 1847 at Roswell, New Mexico.

She remembers her Dad telling her about a crashed flying saucer and expresses great anger at the American government and military for not helping her Dad, Melvin Brown, deal with this mind-blowing knowledge.

Beverly then took Nabil to meet her Mum, Ada, wife of the Roswell Witness, and Harriet, Beverly's sister, where they continue to tell Nabil their memories of husband and father's account of having to transport dead "alien" bodies from the site of the wrecked flying saucer.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Ada Brown was very camera-shy, so throughout most of the interview she is off camera but, happily, we hear a lot of her vocal contributions.

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