The fight against bogus sales pitches continues

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The continuing fight against the promotion of BS against the people of the world.

The following is an update to a video posted here (just in case you want to see what this refers to):

The following is the first opening shot fired in this little war:

Which brings us to THIS:

The law is an ass to Peter Goodgold of Waterworks4u (This video is in the public interest)

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This is a letter sent by international recorded delivery to Peter Goodgold the president of waterworks4u that I have chosen to make open. It was drafted with the kind expertise of Mr Robert Dougans. A lawyer who has a great knowledge of the laws relating to defamation.

I would like to publicly thank:

Mr Dougans, Simon Singh MBE, anonymous persons still working on this issue,

Lewis A Beach

Alexander Daly

Angry Womble

Sound of scilence

CS Bair

and the other members of skeptic TV:

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