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  • Uploaded by Evildweeb on Apr 16, 2011
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DRAGON'S BREATH: 12 Gauge Flamethrower

Uploaded by tnoutdoors9 on Apr 14, 2011

Review and demonstration of Dragon's Breath, an exotic incendiary load for 12 gauge shotguns. First and foremost, please check the legality of using this product where you live. Many states have banned Dragon's Breath. As of this video post, I am aware that at least Florida, Illinois, and Iowa prohibit Dragon's Breath ammo. You may purchase at an out-of-state gun show, as did I, and take it home. That may or may not be good. This appears to be legal to use in Tennessee. In some states, possession alone is considered a felony. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT MINE, TO DETERMINE THIS STATUS WHERE YOU LIVE.

Second, this load may not cycle properly in semi-auto shotguns. Third, if you can legally buy and use this product, PLEASE DO SO IN A SAFE SETTING. To some extent, this is fireworks on steriods.

Demonstration includes slow-motion footage.

There are alot of videos online showing Dragon's Breath. I'm trying to take that a step further and note for you realistic concerns pertaining to legality and safe use of this product. AGAIN, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE LEGALITY AND PROPER USAGE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DECISION AND ACTIONS.

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