Rights groups have been always blaming the US military for running secret prisons here in Afghanistan. And the US was denying this.

But it could no longer hide the truth.

The US military has finally confirmed the existence of such prisons across this war ravaged country. They reportedly hold detainees at the facilities for nine weeks. Then they are moved to Bagram jail or to Guantanamo Bay.

The Afghan government says it did not know anything about these prisons but it is now investigating this.
There are about 20 secret detention centers here all run by the US military.

Three of these centers are said to be inside US Bagram Air Base, which is almost an hour drive from Kabul.

But no one knows how many prisoners are held in these sites.
Rights groups only know that prisoners are deprived of sleep, made undress in public and they have no charges filed against them.
And it is against international law, experts say.

But the US military officials say, they have no plans to close these prisons in Afghanistan which they claim are needed to interrogate detainees.

President Obama had earlier announced that he was going to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, but for now, not only the number of US secret prisons is rising but also, prisons in Bagram base are also being expanded which is considered as worse than Guantanamo Bay.

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