The WAR Against the Gentiles! And the real haters!

From Egypt, to Greece!! From Rome, to Persia, Britain, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, and on, and on, and so-forth!! When ever "religious Jews" have been allowed to flourish in the open arms of a welcoming country.......?? They have always done Four things to their most generous host!! First they monopolize the money industry so that they have the POWER [ money is power] to carry out there next three goals, subversion of the government through lies, and bribes!! Then THEY monopolize the media so the can gain the minds of the masses..!! Once this has been achieved..!! Then they can start THEIR WARS!! And sit back and profit from the deaths of millions of the Hated Goyim [Jewish slang for non-Jews] and Then they grow FAT, and rich at OUR expense!! Enough is enough!!! Already! For fuck sake who cares about being "PC" when your life, and the lives of your children are at stake!! Wake UP, WAKE UP, WAKE THE HELL UP!! You are not THEIR SLAVES...!!! Only if you chose to be!!

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