Three types of Khalsas; once-born love the psychic

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Three types of Khalsas; once-born love the psychic Banda Singh Bahadur, a fake. How the Third Khalsa Panth was initiated?
Royal King, Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji was the last Prophet of this Dark Age, Kalyug. Two appeared in the Middle East, John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi or Prophet Elijah and Christ = Satguru Jesus, the anointed Royal Priest of God. In India, the Two are Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the Second coming of Christ Jesus, and He was greatest of all the Christs and Royal King Gobind Rai Ji. Jesus had Princes of Darkness and just rebuke was enough for Judas Iscariot of Judah tribe to kill himself and that is why Christ Jesus was the Junior Satguru and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the most Senior Christ of God. In Jesus, we are Royal Priests doing business in His Word whilst the Rabbis were just Priests of Moses dealing with Scriptures or the Letters.
People of Khatri tribe are the Kings and Emperors of Darkness and they created super sons of Satan, the Mohammedans who could be rebuked but neede sword power to sort them up.
That is why Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji had to organise an Army of Philanthropists to fight against these stubborn sons of Satan.
He organised this Baptism called Amrit in the month of VAISAKH when people have harvested their crops. Then, Royal King Gobind Rai Ji also needed to Harvest the crop sown by Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to introduce the Royal Kingdom of God. Those who had confidence in God and His Prophet Gobind Rai Ji came forward to offer their Heads or Sacrifice. All the Five were beheaded openly on the stage and not taken into the tent as propagated by the satanic Khatris. The Torso of one was sewn with the head of another. Then, they were revived through Amrit and on watching this Miracle, many took Amrit and joined the Third Khalsa Panth for good. After Amrit, none of them returned back to his family. As when you die, you have no family ties left and you are FREE of the secular ties, so these Khalsas are FREE of the secular ties and no more family home, property, etc. Now, Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji knew that the powerful sons of Satan of the Khatri tribe would produce Khalsas and Sikhs of rituals, that He put a skin of Lion on a Donkey. When, the Donkey brayed, then the congregation came to know that the Donkey with the robes of Khalsas or Lion is in fact a donkey. Then, Royal King Gobind Singh Ji explained that a time will come when the Real Khalsa would become fake Khalsa putting on the uniform of the Khalsa but they would be as intelligent as a Donkey. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed this that a Fake Sikh is a supper donkey -- NANAK TAE NAR ASSALL KHAR; JAE BINN GUNN GHARB KARANT -- a person is a real donkey if he impersonifies the real. Christ Jesus never used such a harsh language as the people of Judah tribe being the Princes of Darkness, the Baby sons of Satan, they were not too bad as those of the East. So, such Donkey Khalsa would be showing off their bright coloured uniforms holding swords. They are neither Sikhs nor Khalsas but the supper donkeys. When such people get killed during the sectarian riots, then they themselves are to be blamed. Noa single Sikh is born or dies but the foolish fanatics. This Dark Age being the age of Christ or Satguru, you cannot blame a third person for the deaths. Secular selves are born and the secular tribal selves die. Thus, not a single Sikh died during the 1984 riots. More people will die in the coming years leading to Atomic War in 2012 end.

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