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Inner Earth Ringing in spirit cave


  • Kwaaikoppie#

    Kwaaikoppie April 24, 2011 3:42:35 AM CEST

    you know what?! I think this might actually be proof of HAARP at work, and YES i know what many think straight away when they read that,,,. "there's another nitwit who's making comments about HAARP or bluebeam and demons or whatever to no reason" but i can assure you that is not the case with me because there is a serious reasoning behind my thoughts here.First let me state HAARP is real and there are many facilities around the globe which can be simply verified.those of you who are aware of the capabilities, which many experts are attributing to HAARP, probably also know that this has to do with the range of frequencies in which it operates.frequency is in effect nothing more than vibrations and those vibrations can interfere withthe natural vibrations of atoms/molecules of any substance. This frequency in which it broadcasts combined with the extreme power which is put in to the signal can be directedto anywhere on earth as well as below earth's surface and sea. It can be effectively usedto such an extreme that it can make volcanoes erupt or cause earthquakes when it is targeting a fault line and the information is out there that the system can even manipulate weather to such a degree that it can be effectively be used as the perfect weapon, you can attack secretly and your enemy might suspect you but how are they ever going to prove it was you, right?Now when the system operates it is silent of course but there are clues of it being in use and can be picked up to the trained ear and the right AM transmitter/receiver equipment.Since there are more countries which have an operative "research facility" it would be near to impossible to put the blame on to a specific country since there is only a static noise detectable with just ONE EXCEPTION as i recently learned and that exception is RUSSIARussia is operating a system which has a distinctive characteristic which is unique to their system and it has been given a nickname because of it.because the signal sounds like a WOODPECKER when it is in use.NOW here we are with Russian scientists in a cave in Tibet (communistic China) We are hearing at first audio which easily can pass as this WOODPECKER signature and the audio slowly changes as if the signal is starting to influence the frequency of natural vibrations as it tunes in to it. The sound seems to be resonating , just like what you would see/hear when you fill glasses with different amounts of water and play them by friction of your finger. And everybody probably saw once that experiment where a glass is shattered just by playing a specific tone/music note. right? (tone is frequency) and there is virtually no way to get in to Tibet as a an ordinary guy let alone for journalists and researchers so the risk of compromise to testing a device like HAARP would be practically nil. far fetched? maybe, but i feel quite strongly about this possibility

  • Picachu#

    Picachu April 23, 2011 5:36:57 PM CEST

    It sounds like that black slab on the moon from the movie 2010

  • Tazno1000#

    Tazno1000 April 23, 2011 5:43:53 AM CEST

    "Earth Sounds" is not uncommon. Often will it sound like running water or rain. Sound is sound, no matter how you look at it. Vibrations, waves given off within a cave are subject to matter and could build up to such an anomaly.Interesting though and worth researching.

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