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Ancient Paintings of UFO's from 200 to15.000 years


  • Banker#

    Banker November 26, 2011 6:25:53 AM CET

    Very very well done and interesting . Keep up the good work !

  • Likeaboss#

    Likeaboss June 12, 2011 12:54:27 PM CEST

    this evidence has been hiding in the backgr0und f0r ever and pe0ple are still blind,scared 0f reality meaning d0nt want 2 face the truth 0r are brainedwashed by their 0wn g0vernment and religi0n beliefs

  • Lgranados#

    Lgranados May 6, 2011 8:06:42 AM CEST

    There is nothing wierd going on it's been going on forever and the Universe is full of life forms and I do believe God created everything.When will our Governments ever admit we have been visited by so many different races in the Universe who knows??There will come a time for all of this to finely come to a head.Religiopn and Aliens all go together.None of us should be afraid.God and the angels don't need craft to fly around but God did creat all.

  • Lgranados#

    Lgranados May 6, 2011 8:00:15 AM CEST

    You are so totally right of coarse the governments are to afraid to admit there are other life forms and much more advanced than us.Beautiful video.I believe in God and he created all this for his enjoyment and he is part of all this.

  • Terry72763#

    Terry72763 May 3, 2011 5:01:30 AM CEST

    YES. Does God Or Angels need Your SOUL, and for what

  • Greys21122012#

    Greys21122012 April 27, 2011 12:46:42 PM CEST

    over thousands of years, artists have felt that what they have seen is so very important that they HAD to document the sightings. even though they are from all around the world, separated by thousands of years, the ufo's all look pretty much the same. now sceptics will say it's just some meteorological anomaly we don't understand!! bollocks! forget these idiots. if they're too stupid that they'll lie to themselves, don't waste your time talking to them. ironically, it's the "religious clique," (you know the ones. the ones that believe in an invisible dude with a beard, sitting on a cloud) that denounce these sightings and evidence as the work of the devil. aliens are "our gods" and their god is an alien. i really do feel sorry for these fools. (but not enough to talk to 'em)

  • Zanzibarjack#

    Zanzibarjack April 26, 2011 3:28:59 PM CEST

    I think you mean lucky humans AREN'T the only intelligent life. If it took the universe 13 and a half billion years to come up with us, with macdonalds, soap operas, reality tv shows - I coud go on endlessly. Then the universe would be pretty fucking stupid to have gotten rid of the dinosaurs.

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 April 26, 2011 12:12:08 AM CEST

    the rock painting around 12 minutes approx..the erectile serpents remind me of the ones in egypt..aliens? dmt? what?

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 April 26, 2011 12:04:32 AM CEST

    yes! how ,you 'skeptics' that post fake at every opportunity..how stupid you will feel/look/be when this comes out more..even if it doesnt you will always be stupid to me

  • Ufosarus#

    Ufosarus April 25, 2011 3:00:59 PM CEST

    nice vid scooby.

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