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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Jails Members Of Anonymous Hackers

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Apr 25, 2011
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Seems Anonymous went to far with the attacks on sony which they now are trying to deny and the FBI wants to talk to them for about 10 years!

And you have to consider that these guys are nerd criminals and wont last for 1 minute when they are waterboarded and they will soon be singing like a bird when asked about their online friends identities and emails.

Also they are hurting Jullian Assanges cause more than helping, We all expected the NWO to be the ones to screw with everyones bank accounts and online services but it seems Anonymous is doing it for them and they are now more of an enemy to the peoples of the world than the actual governments.

The threats on Sony ruined Anonymous and their reputation. Their motto will now be used against them because The FBI and Sony will not forgive or forget their actions it seems.

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