Give a Dog a bad name and hang him as done to Chri

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Give a Dog a bad name and hang him as done to Christ Jesus and His Workers - 1. GIVE A DOG A BAD NAME AND HANG HIM.
Christ Jesus did deeds of Mercy but the jealous and powerful Temple Priests told their congregations that He is a bad person and does all those things through magic. So much so most of them were convinced in Jerusalem that even after seeing the Miracle of opening the eyes of the born-blind person, they did not believe as their Temple Priests had warned them against Jesus as a threat to their authority. He was calling them hypocrites who tell others what to do but they themselves were not doing. As today, members of the Church pay donations into the Church Purse whilst at the end of the month this Dog-Collared Priest takes money out as his salary. He is not spiritual but Judas Iscariot in Wolf's clothing. Policeman puts on similar uniform performing secular duties but this Priest tell them that he is the spiritual man of God but hypocritically working for Mammon. He is not part of the congregation. So, our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus gave his sacrifice to introduce us to our Father through His Word so that we becomes the sons of most High Father and be His Royal Priests. Thus, in Jesus everyone is to give his own account to God and for this reason, we need to have Fellowship of Brethren where women are equal to men. But the Messianic Jews dominated the Church of God and after the deaths of St.Stephen and St.James, the Just, the next Bishops bring in the written Torah to lure the old Temple Customers with a house much cleaner and in order than before, Matt.12.v43-45 and encouraged them to read Torah as they were doing before the arrival of Jesus making them useless drunk with the old wine of the letters.

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