Pitting whites againts blacks War through division

The Jews have always tried to make whites look like the bad guy with stunts like these!! Just like they tried to blame Slavery on whites.... When most whites where against it..!! Not to mention that the Jews practically owned over 80% of the ships that brought the Slaves to America, both black, and white!! Take this little fact for example.......?? While Jews prospered of off the backs of the blacks over 80% of the slaves they owned, and the slave trade for WHITES.? WAS Only 20% of WHITE protestant house holds used slave labor brought over to America by the Jews on thier filthy ships!! It was thier first attempt to divide an conquered us, and destroy the constitutional concept that all men deserved equal rights!! To learn more about why the Jews have been KICKED OUT of over a 115 countries, and counting go to the www.theforbbidentruth.net

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