As we uncover the fallacy of Christianity that has been the plague of this world for who knows how long the "Unseen Hand" continues the campaign preying on the ignorant. Jesus Christ externalized is the Anti-Christ Apollonius of Tyana who all the pictures of Jesus have been taken from. As Jesus is called a "Nazarite" Apollonius takes this title also and was actually real person. Samson also takes the title of Nazarite but is none other than the son of Sam himself. Sam is still the personage Satan or just SA my people. A Nazarite is deeply connected to Nazi's, Nasa, The NSA, and the Serpent Sans along with the aryan language Sanskrit or Satans Crypt, a grand plan that has taken a lot of effort to pull off. The dead continue to live in the language.

So it is now clear, the controllers of the United States at all points knew they were Nazi's and introducing the American people to a Nazi regime. They managed over us with their Ultra Secret Governments with sophisticated technology such as the NSA. They have given us their false man made doctrines of demons called the Gospel/Ghost Spell of Christianity and they have sold us false dreams of entering outer space through NASA. Everything they have done has been meant to externalize us and have us looking in space, to idols, crucified tyrants, and everywhere else except for inside. Innerstand this.

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