Burn the deadly Old Testament and not the living i

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Burn the deadly Old Testament and not the living in spirit Quran - 1. People were reading the written Torah in Jerusalem, the centre of Theology as you have Oxford and Cambridge universities in Britain but they could hardly Perceive Christ in Jesus. They were useless dead in Letters arrogant people as you have the universities Professors at the universities who proclaim that Christ Jesus is the Light but when you ask them what is Light and what is Darkness, you see their blank faces. Such dead in letters people could not perceive the Gospel that Jesus came to deliver. So much so that these university Professors address Christ Jesus as Jesus Christ knowing very well that Christ like Professor is a Title and not the personal name. Most of them even do not know who died on the Cross, Jesus or Christ even though they read the New Testament that states Christ was in the beginning and he is forever. In Jesus, we have a New Covenant and we must move to our New Home made not of brick and mortar by human hands but by Nature. New House needs New Utencils and the old must be left in the old house as they do not fit into the New. So, this written Torah belongs to the Old House Synagogues and is to be left in the old House. Christ Jesus called the Old Cloth full of holes, corruptions, the Jewish Leaven and that must not be brought into the New House. It is a deadly poison that must be burnt away in Christ Jesus. Messianic Jews occupied the Church and the corrupt Bishops that the Monks addressed as the waterless canals, immoral people, brought in the Old Testament or the written Torah as a bait to lure the old customers of destroyed Temple for their income or Mammon worship. When well established in this New Establishment with their dirty old Utencils, Jewish Leaven, then they made an agreement with the Romans that we will supply you soldiers whilst you kill those Monks who criticise us. This was done by putting the Monks who would not add the written Torah alongwith the New Testament by killing them feeding the hungry lions or burning at stake at will. This created a great havoc among the living in spirit people such as the Gentile abot which Christ Philip wrote, a Gentile never dies for he does not live to die, the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and looked after him too - Philanthropy is the Light of Christ Jesus. Gentile kept on turning the other cheek but these Messianic Jews passed the limits of Gentile's patience. Monk Bahira inspired Hazrat Mohammed and He with the help of other Gentiles, started the Jihad against these cruel Jews. After expanding his empire in which the rules were created in the Spirit of God and the Mullahs, the substitutes of Rabbis, were handed Quran to apply the moral laws in spirit or the moral laws of the Gentile were not written on paper in ink but over their hearts. Christianity is of the heart has been well stressed by Christ Paul. So, you should BURN THE DEADLY POISON OLD TESTAMENT DEAD IN LETTERS and not the living in spirit Quran. More in Lectures.

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