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Pay To Spray:Chemtrails Are Payed For By State Tax

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  • uploaded: Apr 29, 2011
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HARVESTING THE TEXAS SKIES IN 2009 - A Summary of Rain Enhancement (Cloud Seeding) Operations in Texas

Projects in Texas

West Texas Weather Modification Association (WTWMA)

South Texas Weather Modification Association (STWMA)

Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rain (SOAR) Program

Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA)

Southwest Texas Rain Enhancement Association (SWTREA)

Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District

Trans Pecos Weather Modification Association

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  • Mandown#

    Mandown April 30, 2011 12:49:01 AM CEST

    This Has Nothing To Do With Rain Making Chemtails That Is . Its All About The Depopulation Agenda. They Killing Us Slowly By Making Evry One Infertile

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