Arrested For Taxes=Theft Sign and Filming Police

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Arrested For "Taxes=Theft" Sign / Filming Police

by goodmendosomething on Apr 28, 2011

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Write up and transcript in the works. For now we feel the video speaks for itself.

Time and Date:

28 Apr 2011 at approximately 4pm basically within 5 minutes or so of us arriving.

The specific location:

Our masks, sign, cell phones, camera, and tripod, were taken as "evidence".

We have been charged with the following misdemeanors:

Penal Code 602 (f)
Maliciously tearing down, damaging, mutilating, or destroying
any sign, signboard, or notice placed upon, or affixed to, any
property belonging to the state, or to any city, county, city and
county, town or village, or upon any property of any person, by the
state or by an automobile association, which sign, signboard or
notice is intended to indicate or designate a road, or a highway, or
is intended to direct travelers from one point to another, or relates
to fires, fire control, or any other matter involving the protection
of the property, or putting up, affixing, fastening, printing, or
painting upon any property belonging to the state, or to any city,
county, town, or village, or dedicated to the public, or upon any
property of any person, without license from the owner, any notice,
advertisement, or designation of, or any name for any commodity,
whether for sale or otherwise, or any picture, sign, or device
intended to call attention to it.


Penal Code 185
It shall be unlawful for any person to wear any mask, false whiskers, or any personal disguise (whether complete or partial) for the purpose of:

One--Evading or escaping discovery, recognition, or identification
in the commission of any public offense.

Two--Concealment, flight, or escape, when charged with, arrested
for, or convicted of, any public offense. Any person violating any of
the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a

Stories on this encounter:

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We don't know what they have or have not done with the footage on our camera and or phones. We use qik, so this video went straight to the cloud where it was safe. ---

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