Muslim Pir Mian Mir Ji, a Gurmukh Sikh Laid the Fo

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Muslim Pir Mian Mir Ji, a Gurmukh Sikh Laid the Foundation Brick of Harmandir Sahib. FOUNDATION STONE OF HARMANDIR SAHIB LAID BY A GURMUKH MUSSALLMAAN PIR MIAN MIR JI.
This may seem odd to many spiritually dead people who think a Sikh is of beard and turban but not what he has learnt. A GURMUKH stands for the Spokesman of God and so is a Mussallmaan who is in Allah and Allah in Him. That is why Pir Mian Mir Ji was requested to lay the Foundation Brick of Harmandir Sahib but a clever, CHATTAR, bricklayer, MISTRY, shift it that it should be like this. Then Satguru Arjun Dev Ji predicted that this Harmandir will be destroyed and re-built. So, it happened. Remember that this Harmandir Sahib, the Temple of God, is the Replacement of the Holiest of Holy Jerusalem Temple that was destroyed forever and there being only One Temple of God in the world, the Jewish people cannot re-build it anymore. They tried three times and failed. That was the Winepress that did not produce Fruit and was predicted by Jesus that it would be destroyed replacing with living Temple of God built not by human hands but Nature. The Tank or water Pool is the Bethsada Pool of Mercy that used to heal the sick people. So, a Gurmukh, sealed to serve God, is the same as a Perfect Mussallmaan. At the times of Satguru Arjun Dev Ji, how many people were there who were True Mussallmaans? Very few and the rest the Kafir greedy lot, who gave a bad name to Islam. Real Islam is SHARIAH FREE as Allah is not the Law Maker but dispenser of grace to the merciful people. The cruel or unjust people belong to the kingdom of Satan and such bastards were many and they created havoc that the second coming of Christ Jesus became evident. Christs known to the people of holy spirit and to the evil spirited hypocrites, the Mullah. In Islam, you go by INSHALLAH and happily render your account to Allah but in this Shariah infested Islam of Mullah, INSHMULLAH dominated and created problems. Khatris of the Punjab and Kashmir specially became shameless Mullahs and they being the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, produced the best sons of Satan far better than the Prince of Darkness of the Judah tribe people. Fortunately, I being born in the heart of these sons of Satan am well aware of their character. So, if any one is interested to know more about the Khatri sons of Satan, he can contact me. That is why the spiritual Doctor Satguru Nanak Dev Ji came among them as Jesus came among the people of Judah tribe. And Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the greatest of all the Christs was proclaimed by Satguru Arjun Dev Ji. I can explain the roles played by different Six Satgurus or watch my Youtube Videos. Gospel is for those who long for it. Gospel unlike the Scriptures is not laying on a Platter but you have to make an effort to gain it. Unless Father desireth, you cannot have it. Anti Christs ordain people after they are well drunk with the old wine of the letters whilst the Royal Priests of God do not attend any University but ponder over His Word to receive it by grace. Peter being the once born could not understand Gospel. Many more things could be written but I leave it to you to watch my Youtube Videos. MY LECTURES ARE TOTALLY FREE and I can help produce Documentaries on Gospel.

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