Fukushima Day 51 with level 7 Disaster & Unit 2

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New TEPCO data unequivocally shows ongoing criticalities at Unit 2, Tornadoes damage nuclear reactors in Alabama: 'Unusual event,power supply unavailable for over 15 minutes

Report: New TEPCO data unequivocally shows ongoing criticalities at Unit 2

Tornadoes damage nuclear reactors in Alabama: 'Unusual event' after normal and alternate power supply unavailable for over 15 minutes

Fukushima Fallout Twisters

Press Conference on FUKUSHIMA and Dangers of Nuclear Fallout

RadiationNetwork.com home of the National Radiation Map

Online Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Map

"Raw" Milk http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/2174

Radioactive Iodine In Phoenix Arizona Milk 1600% Above EPA Drinking Water Limits http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/20/radioactive-iodine-phoenix-a......

Radiation found in milk in Spokane, Washington!

New EPA radiation tests show Cesium in California rainwater at highest level since crisis began

"It also plays a role as a major radioactive hazard present in nuclear fission products, and was a significant contributor to the health effects from open-air atomic bomb testing in the 1950s, and from the Chernobyl disaster, as well as being a threatening presence today in the Japanese nuclear crisis. This is because I-131 is a major uranium, plutonium and indirectly thorium fission product, comprising nearly 3% of the total products of fission "

About I-131
"How Americans Were Exposed
The Milk Connection
The Government's Response
Get the Facts About Exposure to
I-131 Radiation"

UTC/GMT Conversion

Arnie Gundersen Speaks With Russia Today About the Increased Severity Rating at Fukushima http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3T_bTPmDC8&feature=player_embedded

Epidemiologist, Dr. Steven Wing, Discusses Global Radiation Exposures and Consequences with Gundersen

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