Ufo Secret Agents: Falcon And Condor

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KTLA UFO Cover Up Live Oct 15 1988

In UFO COVERUP LIVE, it was the silhouetted, electronically filtered voice testimony by two supposed U.S. intelligence agents (called "Falcon" and "Condor") that pushed the show over the top. Curiously, the story they told might actually have been founded in fact -- that a living alien, EBE-1 (an extraterrestrial biological entity, or "Grey") survived a UFO crash in the Southwest, and that EBE-1 provided incredible information to our government in utmost secrecy. Many of the things claimed about EBE-1 proved to be a very tall order for the American (and world) public to swallow. But then Falcon and Condor mentioned that EBE had specific food preferences during his stay here on earth, and one of his favorite foods was STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM.

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