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Alex Collier - Earth Transformation Summit 2008

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Aug 16, 2008
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After 6 years of taking a rest. Alex Collier is back now to continue spreading the information given by the Andromedans to him. This is a conference that took place in Hawaii at Exopolitics Earth Transformation in May 2008.

The Andromedan message Alex Collier has presented over the years has connected with me profoundly on soul level. I was disappointed when he took his leave of absence six years ago - though I understood well his need for some R & R time.

It is wonderful Alex has now returned to continue his lectures and spiritually inspiring messages.

The Andromedans believe the human race is unique because we have the ability to create amazing things out of thin air. Things perceived as abstract creations. I think the Andromedans see us as sort of magicians. They also believe we carry royal DNA.

I agree with the Andromedans, I feel humanity does have amazing potential. Now, we need to discern our true purpose as we solve the dilemma of how to create a world in harmony and balance.

Here is Alex Collier's return lecture. He speaks about the Andromedans and how humanity fits into all of creation.

You may want to skip to 11:30 minutes (when Alex actually begins his lecture).

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