NASA's Hidden? Solar System Projection

"Apparently" on 2/14/2008, a current/former NASA specialist, Copied a Solar System Planetary projection, that at the frame reference of observation (Time in it's normal vernacular) Was calling it not Planet X, Elinin, or I forget the other reference it was as a numerical string, but as "Niburus Minorus" with object reference numbers 2004.5860 ..

The current story goes, that this specialist made a copy of the rendered data before NASA's whitewash machine when into effect, and scrubbed any references to this video from the system (this is a SOP for NASA BTW)..

I downloaded a video of this (and this is were you can determine your own verdict of it) from a third party source that knows the specialist, as this third party added music, and placed it on the web under the site "YouTube"..

I find it interesting that The Current Elinin (a now assumed comet from the officials at NASA) Has not only supposedly grown to 4x the size of earth (putting it inline with the size of the reported Niburu), but is also speeding up as it gets closer to the apex of it's projected ellipse reversal at point of CoR (Cycle of Reversal) as it slingshots back out of our perigee..

What I find interesting though, is the massive alterations of our solar systems elliptical arrangement due to both the size of the gravity well, and the speed at which it accelerates as it leaves out system..

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