Media corruption spreading infectious disease2-2

There is a virtual BLACK OUT on black on white crime in the USA, and else where!! 37,000 rapes, on whites women last year by blacks!! compared JUST TEN by whites!! I am by NO MEANS Blaming the entire black community!! In Fact I think There role in this sickness is a media manipulated one!! One in which the black community has been falsely mislead as to who there real enemy is!! And to always consider themselves the eternal victim!! The biggest thing our mutual enemy fears is that we stop playing this game [give up all the in-fighting], and turn our gaze towards them!! The true racist!! The TRUE SUPREMACIST, and the rale salve masters!! YEP... That's right Zionist Jewry!! WE MUST DO THIS!!! And we must do it soon.. Stop the hate between our races before it is to late and we kill ourselves for them!!!!

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