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Leaked Footage Of Alien From Zeta Reticula. UFO Cr

Massive UFO cover-up launched by spooks over leaked memo

Opinion by Michael Cohen

Last week UFOs were in the headlines thanks to the FBI launching an online archive that included a memo from the early 1950s that stated the following:

"An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.
According to Mr. (redacted) informant, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers. No further evaluation was attempted by SA (redacted) concerning the above."

Mainstream media outlets including FOX News and the UK's Daily Mail gave the topic serious coverage. The tone of many of these articles conceded that this memo might indeed strongly suggest, if not outright prove, that the US government is hiding knowledge on aliens and UFO visitation.
For once, UFOs were being taken seriously and the public seemed ready to accept the reality of alien and UFO activity. However, some people were clearly nervous about this. Almost as soon as these compelling articles about the memo appeared a coordinated attempt to discredit the memo was under way.
What is odd about this campaign to make the public forget about the memo was that those involved are all well known figures within what is referred to as the "UFO community": People claiming to be all about ending UFO secrecy.

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