Edwards Airforce Base UFO Incident Audio 1965 RARE

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Edwards Airforce Base Declassified UFO Encounter - 1965 (Original Audio)

Area 51 is a military base, and a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base.

Back on the night of October 7, 1965, an event of historic proportions, a true landmark in UFO history, took place - the actual incursion over Edwards Air Force Base in the Palmdale/Lancaster area of California's Mojave Desert of a number of extraterrestrial craft.

In fact, this unprecedented event is not to be found in any of the major UFO books, and with the exception of a few UFO magazines

What makes this historic intrusion and visit so important is that the US Air Force thoroughly documented it and even gave it a code name: "The Incident."

During that fall night in 1965, it seems that 12 luminous UFOs came right down low and just over a secure military runway.

These craft were all sighted visually by Air Force personnel and by several types of radar.

Further, the Air Force scrambled several jet fighters after them and during the event the possible use of nuclear weapons even became an issue.

The entire incident was additionally documented with written reports, radar photos, and AUDIO TAPES made by Air Force personnel while they were actually SEEING the objects, FLYING AFTER the objects, and considering taking SERIOUS MILITARY ACTION against what they might imply as a threat.

Sgt Charles Sorrels, heard prominently on the original Edwards recordings of October 7, 1965, and in newly-produced segments confirming the event, made the presentation in Washington which featured my documentary version of the Edwards Tapes.

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