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Catherine Bleish is a constitutional activist. Her activism began through the anti-war resistance under Bush and grew into a lifestyle through the 2008 Presidential Campaign of Dr. Ron Paul. In the spring of 2009 she re-directed her energy and began to focus her research and activism on fusion centers.

This was in response to the the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) profiled her and her others in her state as a potentially dangerous radical militia members based on their political ideologies and activities. The report has since been retracted and four legislative hearings were held on the issue.

Bleish is interviewed by CNN you will see the negative bias, but then CNN goes on to admit this bias. This video goes into so much more.

Bleish is the founder and former executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project:

The Liberty Restoration Project has launched "Operation Defuse" which attempts to inform the citizenry, law enforcement, and DHS Fusion Centers of the constitution activism, the dangers of the police state, the fallacies of the MIAC report (on Right Wing Extremism) which mixes Law abiding citizens, those that speak out against their government, Ron Paul supporters and returning veterans from war (susceptible to right wing extremism ideologies) as possible threats.

Bleish was also featured in Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - POLICE STATE (Exactly 3:00 minutes in video)


Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - POLICE STATE:


Watch the full Bleish interview (NOT CNN):

Bleish BIO:

Liberty Restoration Project - On the issues:

Operation Defuse Youtube channel:

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