How Fake Church Fathers are turning stones, fleeci

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How the Fake Church Fathers in Churches are turning stones, fleecing simpletons, into bread. In Christ Jesus, we have One Real Father God and one relatively fake tribal father that gives us the secular identity for identification, I happened to listen to a lecture from a newly appointed Russian Orthodox Bishop in Oxford and with me was the youngman Tobias Churton who wrote the script for the Gnostic Gospel series that appeared on Channel 4 TV in 1984 or so. I met this man at Oxford University library at Pussey House and he told me that now he is writing a Book based upon that series. He did mention my name in his Book as a man of spirit from the Punjab. So, these robed Bishops and their stooges Priests stand between man and God to impose their authority in the name of Jesus. Popes called Jesus a Lord and Godm and started to lord over people killing those who objected to their views.Lot of atrocities were committed in the name of Christ Jesus and that was the Jews loving Darkness to Light. Now, the time is short and the Great Tribulations that have already started in the Middle East will lead to the Third Atomic world war that would usher in the Breand New Age that call SATTYUG when every one would be a highly religious person.

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