Chem Trails over SE England

  • Uploaded by Igigi on May 13, 2011
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Seen again in the SE of England,several times this year, these so called trails do NOT compare with any regular Jet fuel Vapour trail...these hang around for hours and disperse, but seem to keep their shape? Please dont tell me they are ordinary trails, I know the difference....check the clip (I am trying to find it again and will post URL etc) of the PILOT Filming a large four engined commercial jet 'Spraying'....yes, I said 'Spraying' something right next to the contrails left by the engines...that's why so called experts say...jet engines will not work right if these so called chemicals found by other researchers, are mixed with the jet fuel....'IT IS NOT IN THE FUEL DUMMIES'....Clip shows clearly it is a SPRAY..the plane even swithces it OFF momentarily...nozzels close to jets exhausts....comments please?

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