University Professors have no idea who are the Rea

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University Professors have no idea who are the Real Parents of Christ Jesus - 2? Yesterday, 12/05/2011, I went to Keble College, Oxford to attend a Seminar on The Son of David and his Mother given by Prof. Markus Bockmuehl of the Keble College, a great theological centre of Oxford. Professor Markus gave a good account what the Bible says about Christ Jesus. The heading The New Testament's Elusive Son of David. An exhaustive account was presented and during the question time, I told them that Christ Jesus was born of a virgin and I have Proofs for that. He was known as the Second Adam, John, the Baptist who worked for the dead and mythological Adam when saw the living Adam Christ Jesus, He humbly said that even I cannot touch your shoes meaning that your greatness I admire. Jesus was laid in a Burial Chamber not used by any human being, etc. So, I summarized that Christ Jesus was the Second Adam born of a Virgin and Mary was his Surrogate Mother and Joseph His Foster Father. Jesus' Real Father is God and Mother Holy Spirit and not Mary. The Professor just said nothing nor any other about 20 of them. They all kept quiet and even shunned to talk with me as if Gnostics are heretics. That amused me very much but I enjoyed tea after the Seminar. Now, the next one was in the same college at 16:30 -- 19:00 on WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE MONKS GOOD FOR? A workshop with Christopher Jamison, O.S.B. Director of the National Office for Vocation. He told the audience around 30 or so that he invites people and ask them to think in silence and prayer about certain aspect of their lives. Now, silence is the regime of graveyards where the dead are buried and they cannot raise their finger to ask a question. Or what Jesus said, Let the dead in spirit people of the letters bury their dead as the first Professor Markus did. Living in spirit go by ask, seek and knock. This Monk who hailed from a nearby Abbey Doubi Abbey, near Thatcham, Newbury, was dressed with the Dog-Collar and the Black Robe. Now, in Jesus what comes out of your mouth that matters and not those Robes or Dog-Collars that bury you under the loads of sins and they have no idea that in Christ Jesus, we are no more slaves to the sins, man-made moral laws but to the righteousness that originates from your heart and not the Books. Rabbi and a Sadducee passed by the wounded person and they went by the dead letters of their Books and had no compassion in their hearts. Now, Christianity is of the heart and when a Samaritan approached the wounded person, he had compassion on him. Looked after him and paid for his expenses. This is called Philanthropy, the Light of our Father that the Rabbis, Pharisees, etc of the Letters lacked. So, when Jesus was taken to Jerusalem as captive, then you can well imagine what treatment He received from the Merciless Temple Priests that even Peter denied knowing Jesus, who had taken a promise from Peter by asking him three times, Do you love me Peter, etc that he surely loved Him.
Next, I went to Harris Manchester College where from 20:30 -- 21:30 in the Old Dining Room, a lecture on Evolutionary Theology Without the Concept of 'Progress' by Fraser N. Watts Director of the Psychology and Religion Research Group, Cambridge University gave a Seminar. In his lecture, he discussed Natural Theology and other aspects of Light. In the question time, I told him that Natural theology is for the once-born natural man whilst Christianity is for the Twice-born people of spirit that go by the hearts and not the Book. Please tell me what is Light and what is Darkness in Christianity? After a while, he said Compassion is the Light but he could not give examples to bring his point home. Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person is of Light whilst the Rabbis and the Sadducees of Letters were of Darkness. I have stressed this many a times.
In general, these men of Letters are spiritually dead who are not capable of pondering over His Word in spirit. Christ Nanak Dev Ji of the Punjab has called them super donkeys.

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