Jews For Jesus still prefer Synagogues to Temples

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Jews For Jesus still prefer Synagogues to Temples or Churches of God - 2. Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus has saved us from the savage Wolves, Rabbis, of the old man-made Houses, the Synagogues to our own Personal Brand New Home provided by our Father making us the Royal Priests of our Royal Father God. Under the Moses system, the Rabbis became corrupt, hypocrites and cruel maltreating the devotees of God that our Father sent His very Son to make us the Royal Priests, the Solitary capable of approaching God through His Word in order to be in the Royal Kingdom of our Father and enjoy the Freedom that the Rabbis used to enjoy. Rabbis in the Samaritan villages still enjoyed the Freedom and they did not need Christ Jesus so much as the sick Jews. So, the Salvation is of the spiritually Healthy Samaritans or the Gentiles and not of the sick Jews. Here I compare these two Houses; One of the Rabbi, Synagogue and the other of our Father, the Temple of God.
My Table format has gone:-
Man-made Synagogues built by human hands for the Rabbinic Priests. Built by Nature, our Body, the Temple of God built for Royal Priests.
Schools, Synagogues, etc built by people for their once-born children to learn moral laws, the Scriptures -- Milk from their Priests, the Rabbis. Temple of God built by Nature known only to the twice-born people of spirit, the solitary. Such people are pre-destined by our Father. They enjoy Gospel Meat.
Child baptism in the name of Abraham. Sensible adult baptism in the name of Abraham.
They observe or slave to sins. Corrupt Rabbis put heavy yoke. They go by or are slaves to the Righteousness of our Father. No sins.
Rabbis give their accounts to demiurge Yahweh. We give our own accounts to our Father. No Middlemen.
Sins against the man-made moral laws. Blasphemy against the holy spirit is called hypocrisy.
Rabbis, Sadducees, etc have Disciples and they do what their Rabbi tells them to do. Our Christ Jesus has employed us as the Labourers in the Vineyard of our Father.
Priests chase their Disciples from behind. Our Royal Priest Christ Jesus walks ahead of His Labourers. Those who have ears hears to His Voice and go for it.
They eat food that is Kosher and prescribed by their Rabbi. We receive our Daily Bread of Life from our Mother Holy Spirit.
Bound by the millstone of rituals. Set Free of the rituals and common sense, holy spirit, is our Teacher.
Priests used to be Freemen but became slave to Mammon. Royal Priests became Freemen and occupied the Rabbinic Field.
Kept the Disciples alienated from our Father. Christ Jesus introduced to us, the Labourers, our Father through His Word.
The Age of the Works or Moon, the Winter to sow seeds. The Age of Grace or the Sun, the Christ -- Summer to ripen crop.
Works leads you to be Angels. Grace leads you to be an Apostle, both sexes.
Woman cannot teach Scriptures. Both sexes can Preach Gospel.
Rabbis give animal sacrifice against sins. Christ Jesus gave His own Sacrifice to Seal the Covenant of Righteousness.
I hope that makes the Two Covenants crystal clear.

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