Russian disclosure imminent?

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Michael Cohen: UFO documents to be released by Russia, disclosure imminent?

by Allnewsweb on May 14, 2011

Why have UFO sightings skyrocketed worldwide?

Michael Cohen

The year 2011 has been like no other previous year in terms of UFO sightings. The sheer volume of witness accounts and footage regarding alien craft has been staggering. The visiting aliens themselves are becoming more daring and more willing to reveal there presence. From China to Indonesia, Brazil to Mexico, mass sightings of undoubtedly unworldly craft continue to both frighten and inspire onlookers. Through all this the Western media has done its utmost to misrepresent the UFO phenomena as unverified, unimportant and most likely a figment of a peoples imaginations.

Tell that that to the hundreds of thousands of locals of the Shandong district, who saw giant spaceships cross the skies above their homes in 2009, or the Brazilian military personnel who came face to face with extraterrestrials deep in the Amazon during "Operacion Prado".

So why is this happening now? It seems at least one race of aliens might be preparing to openly interact with Earthlings in the near future. They might realise our survival depends on them and perhaps they have decided not to stand by and watch us self-destruct.....perhaps. Le us hope so.

In 2011 Western Civilisation is little more than an orgy of greed, violence and materialism. An obsession with power has seen the love of warfare and lust for blood spiralling out of control. We are also on the brink of complete destruction of our environment. Any cultures that stand in the way of this stream-train of self-interest are obliterated mercilessly. Like gamblers, its only a matter of time before our leaders push their luck and the whole edifice implodes in a deadly haze of nuclear destruction.

Perhaps Aliens see something in us, a chance we might change and become beings possible of contributing to the harmony of the universe. By showing up now, at what might be a minute to midnight, they are trying to get us to see the bigger picture. Let us hope we get their message so as not to turn Earth into another planet littered with the ruins of a failed, extinct civilisation.

Michael Cohen is an editor of All News Web as well as a well-known writer, speaker and researcher of UFO and paranormal affairs.

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