CBS Smear Piece on "Sovereign Citizens"

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Original Title : Sovereign Citizen Movement - CBS Hit Piece

Feel free to email or write CBS with your displeasure at the skewing of
and propagandizing of this movement.
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To say "man or other animals" is a presumption that man is an animal.

Both the FDA and DEA rely upon this legal presumption because the use of "man or other animal" is used in both the definition of Food, and Drugs in title 15 of United States Code.

Adask has in the past successfully defended himself using the argument that to imply that man is an animal violated the 1st amendment which prohibits the making of any law that impedes the free exercise of religion.

You see in Adask's religious beliefs God made men equally in subjection to him, and put man in dominion over the animals. Therefore to imply that man is an animal impedes upon the free exercise of his religion where he believes that man is not an animal. Here is an excerpt from his article explaining this.

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