Bible Land Annual Conference in Oxford:

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Bible Land Annual Conference in Oxford: People were sympathetic with Palestinians but..... BIBLELANDS ANNUAL MEETING AT CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, OXFORD.
Yesterday, 17 May, 11, I was fortunate to attend this year's annual meeting of the Bibleland Society in Oxford and met quite a few people. Special guest was Prof. Bernard Sabella from Palestine and he described how the Israelis are controlling their borders and lost record of thousands Palestinians who have gone out of the country but they cannot return home. He told of his mother going to her old house in Jerusalem and the Jew occupying it said he knows her from the photograph they found in the house. Many more stories were told and Palestinians are still very composed of their fate. They are helpless. I did write a question on the paper that Israelis are being bundled up for Final burning according to Matthew 13.v24-30 and they should not expect Peace in the Middle East. As I stressed earlier, for Peace you need to be faithful to Abraham, the Wheat Plants but both sides are unfaithful, the Tares. Abraham was a Semite by race or outwardly and not a Jew, Hamas or Fatah outwardly or by flesh. So, no Peace except conscience bears fruit in this Dark Age. The Second Coming of Christ Jesus was Satguru or Christ Nanak Dev Ji of the Punjab who was born in 1469 but in India, we have Kings and Emperors of Darkness who created Darkness greater than the Jews. Lucky is the person who would think logically and learn the Gospel Truth. In the Middle East, it is one in a thousand whilst in India or the Punjab, it is one in a million. So, Gospel is for those who are longing for Gospel through logical reasoning. Take for example, what is Light that Christ Jesus brought into the world? What is Darkness that He came to dispel? Ask this question to any of your Priest, hardly any one has clear idea what is Light and Darkness? In Jesus, every one gives his own account to God and to set us FREE of these Dog-Collared Priests Jesus became the Lamb of God making us the Royal Priests of our Father. We are to gather together in Fellowships in the name of Christ Jesus to ponder over His Word and apply to our present situation. So, in the fulfilment of Matt.13.v24-30, the Israeli need all their promised land to accommodate the influx of Jews from overseas. Thus, Palestinians should not expect any Peace but troubles. Money makes the mare go, it is the Jewish lobby and Media power in USA, U.K., France, etc that is working to help Israel or in short, these countries are Israeli colonies. This attack on Iraq was to protect Israel as Saddam was threatening Israel and now Israel is supposed to attack a country making Atomic Bombs. That would be the Second aggression allowed. After that there will be a clear split in countries, pro-USA and pro-Russia. Then, you will see the Real Tribulations in the world. Lucky are we who are witnessing the End of the Age and greatest of all is the chance to Preach Gospel for Salvation. All the Prophecies have been fulfilled except the Atomic War that is expected end of 2012 but it seems to be too soon. You never know the plans of our Father. God bless the Peace makers.

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