CCTV News: Nato Attacks Another Gaddafi Compound

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BEIJING,May 18 (Xinhuanet) -- NATO airstrikes have hit a number of buildings in Libya's capital Tripoli. One of the targets included a compound belonging to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Meanwhile, the alliance warns that pro-Gaddafi forces are changing tactics and launching a naval assault.

A NATO airstrike hit Gaddafi's Tripoli compound in the early hours of Tuesday.

A number of buildings in the capital were targeted overnight. Foreign media were taken to see damage to the Ministry for Popular Inspection and Oversight, and the office of Tripoli's chief of police.

NATO warplanes have bombed targets within Gaddafi's compound several times, but deny they are targeting the Libyan leader himself.

The alliance said on Tuesday it is keeping up a "high operational tempo" as pro-Gaddafi forces showed signs of taking the war to sea.

Showing photographs taken at sea, NATO wing commander Mike Bracken described an incident in which an inflatable boat carrying a ton of explosives was intercepted.

He added that Libyan government forces tried to lay mines in Misrata harbour late last month.

He said, "This series of incident is a series of changing tactics by the pro-Gaddafi forces and clearly demonstrate their intent to use their naval assets and naval knowledge to bring even more harm to innocent civilians. It also demonstrates that pro-Gaddafi forces have the will and desire to strike NATO vessels."

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the alliance vowed it will continue its military actions until all goals set are achieved.

Oana Lungescu said, "NATO will continue degrading Gaddafi's war machine until all the military goals set by NATO allies and contributing partners have been met and those goals are as you know: an end against all attacks against civilians, the return of all pro-Gaddafi's forces to barracks and bases and ensuring full and unhindered humanitarian access to all those who need it. We are all determined to keep up the pressure as long as Gaddafi continues attacking his own people."

Thousands have been killed in the Libyan war. Libyan officials have denied killing civilians, saying they were forced to take action against rebels and al-Qaeda militants.

They insist NATO's bombing campaign is an act of colonial aggression aimed at seizing Libya's oil.

(Source: CNTV)

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