T-shirt Design3-1: Just produced a third design th

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T-shirt Design3-1: Just produced a third design that challenges the hypocrite Hirelings - 1, Gospel is as simple as ABC if you go by logical reasoning. Logical reasoning leads to Logo or His Word that cannot be written down in ink on paper. So, what I derived through logical reasoning is not known to the men of letters, the dead University Professors. An ordinary man can think better than these University Dons, who mostly take the skin of the letters.
This T-shirt is our Net to Fish spiritual men, the solitary like the born blind person of John 9. Samaritan Woman at the well was a Saint called St.Photina but the men of letters call her a prostitute. So, we the Labourers predestined of our Father have to wake up the spiritual people like John 9 of this conspiracy of the Jews who were sick and they killed their Doctor Christ Jesus and His Labourers. These T-shirts should be got made locally or I can send them but it just costs £5 or less to get produced locally. So, it does not make sense to post as postage is heavy. I give locally to Africans who are better than the British. Gospel is for your own Pleasure and to Please others whem you explain to them More you Preach, more you receive from our Father. End Time is not far away and let us Preach Gospel to our best abilities.

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