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Strange Things Around Seattle

  • Uploaded by Evildweeb on May 21, 2011
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*ALERT* Strange Things Around Seattle, WA! *ALERT*

by BeePeeOilDisaster on May 19, 2011

Lake Washington Eye Witness Report;

I was looking out the window at the lake noticing how unusually calm and still the water was when suddenly I noticed large, evenly spaced rings radiating across the lake, like dropping a rock in the water.

From our vantage point I could not see the source of what was causing it but it had to have been very large to create those large, perfectly spaced rings. There were no boats out on the lake, no jet ski's, no kayaks, no barges, nothing.

As the rings started to dissipate what looked like a raging river formed on the West side of the lake in a narrow swath cutting through the rings that had formed. Not like the wake of a boat where it fans out, just a long strip all the same width with a strong, tumultuous current running in a North to South direction.

The odd thing about it was that it didn't start at any one point, it just appeared all at once and definitely had a strong current moving in a Southern direction. As the rings dissipated and the "raging river" calmed on the North West side of the lake, all of a sudden the same thing appeared on North East side of the lake.

Again, it looked like a thin, even strip of water with a strong current moving in a southern direction. It appeared just as the other one had across the lake...


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