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Obamas car stuck in Dublin

  • Djdamm
  • uploaded: May 24, 2011
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  • Laxxer18#

    Laxxer18 May 25, 2011 5:34:37 AM CEST

    Wow the secret service is getting sloppy. How did they not do a dry run, or they did and the transport wasn't under load at the time. That could have been a nightmare for them if someone had known of this little snag..

  • Maddhatta#

    Maddhatta May 25, 2011 3:13:08 AM CEST

    You Sir are an ASS!!!!!! Opinions are like assholes everybody has one and you are mine.

  • Datalaze#

    Datalaze May 24, 2011 3:07:58 PM CEST

    US gov at its best...

  • Ivan2275#

    Ivan2275 May 24, 2011 6:54:58 AM CEST

    id rather have heard BOOM but its a start

  • Kadok9#

    Kadok9 May 24, 2011 1:30:24 AM CEST

    didnt you here he changed his name again maybe 5th time its obomass he realy thinks hes god. i hope we get to the part were they kill him soon

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