MTV's Message to Freemasons?

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LCD Soundsystem's Pow Pow - The First MTV Funded Video is Masonic

According to 'The Vigilant Citizen' the music video for LCD Sounsystem’s song called Pow Pow — is the first music video that has been fully funded by MTV.

I am not certain if this is fact or merely speculation, however when looking at this MTV article, it is reported that the producer of the video (David Ayer) said the following:

“..the message of the clip, which is a joint effort between MTV and Mean magazine, is about remaining humble, regardless of how pumped-up one's celebrity status might get.”

So there you have it the producer of the video David Ayer is clearly saying that MTV and Mean Magazine are both attempting to send a message with this video. The message, you can confirm for yourself is heavily laced with Masonic propaganda.

The breakdown after the video is brought to you by ‘The Vigilant Citizen’, and thellght.

So what do you think — is MTV trying to send a message to Freemasons whom have let their celebrity Ego’s get out of Masonic control? Or is this simply a recruitment tool that is intended to convey the idea that being a member of the Masonic order (cult) is the "Key to Success"? Who knows,

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