Temple of God built by Nature is compared with tha

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Temple of God built by Nature is compared with Temples built by human hands -3. WITH HIS OWN BLOOD CHRIST JESUS HAS BOUGHT FOR US THE NEW HOME, TEMPLE OF GOD.
Here is a Table that separates the Two Houses:-
Old House, the Synagogues are built by human hands for teaching the moral laws or scriptures, the milk. New Home, the Temple of God, is not built by human hands but by Nature for Christ to enter into your heart to lead your life. Enjoy Meat, the Body of Jesus.
Rabbi controlled the lives of people and kept them alienated from God or His Word, the Oral Torah. Rabbi is behind his Disciples to keep them under control. Rabbis themselves used to be Freemen but no more under the Temple High Priest. We are the Masters of our own Home and give our own accounts to God. We make a Direct approach to God. We have been set Free through His Word. Our Shepherd goes ahead of us, the Workers. We hear His Voice with ears to hear His Words. Strangers we do not want to know.
Rabbis dealt with moral laws and anyone who transgresses commits a sin. Moral Laws are meant for our physical body to be hale and healthy. We, the Royal Priests deal with righteousness of our hearts. No more slaves to sins. Liars and hypocrites are not permitted into our Fold. Peter kills Liars and His Word reveals hypocrites.
Old utencils or rituals are the Jewish Leaven that are to be left in the old house. They have no place in the New Home. New Home is already provided with the New Leaven, holy spirit that requires no rituals. So, anyone who mentions sins in a Church of God, he is Antichrist.
Circumcision of flesh for the purity of flesh. Circumcision of the heart for the cleansing of our hearts of hypocrisy. Any one who introduces circumcision of flesh in Moses is bringing the old Leaven into the Church of God is an Antichrist.
Rabbi gives the account of his Disciples that are kept alienated from God. Workers give their own accounts to God themselves. Workers were Paid their Wage, Holy Spirit, at Pentecost.
Priests in Synagogues. Disciples look after their comforts and pay them money. Stones are turned into bread and butter. Royal Priests, the Workers in the Churches of God who enjoy Fellowship. They give and not take from the Churches. Hireling Priests in Churches are Antichrist Judas Iscariots.
Eat Koshar, etc. Common sense is not permitted. They are not allowed to work on Sabbath. No difference, Koshar or non-Koshar. Use common sense. Use Sabbath for Philanthropy.
Disciples of Rabbis and Pharisee pray and fast. Workers of Jesus do not pray or fast but ponder over His Word, the Logos.
Disciples are slaves. Workers are Freemen.
In fact, we have occupied a Field that does not belong to us but to the Rabbis. And when they wake up and ask us to hand them over what belongs to them, we shall be too pleased to do so. Presently, we are greater than John, the Baptist who belonged to the kingdom of Moon whilst we belong to the Royal Kingdom of Sun.

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