For Marduk2012: The Ringmakers Of Saturn Part 3/7

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A remarkable work.
Dr. Bergrun does not believe in computerized photo enhancement. Rather, he rephotographs portions of Voyager images - of Saturn and its moons - after optically enlarging the original photo in, I believe, a microscope. Dr. Bergrun makes a yeoman's effort to explain what he is seeing in lay terms. Still a bit technical, enough is there to get his points across and provide supportive text for the imagery.
The conclusions: Saturn's rings are *not* natural, but are some type of effluent from massively huge, cylindrical objects, themselves measured in terms of earth diameters! The imagery shows, for example, an *incomplete* C-Ring, at each edge of which is one of these cylinders. Images also reveal red and white luminous objects in conjunction with the cylinders. There is much much more here on Saturn, its moons, and our own Moon.

Ringmakers of Saturn is a book by Norman Bergrun

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