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TOP OVERALL Documentary! Objects in the sky! 5-13

  • Uploaded by Alpiniolo on May 30, 2011
  • Hits: 84

Good introducing Large-Scale documentary that sucked me into the whole conspiracy, ideal to get a first glimpse into a GIANT coverup!
Very good for newbies because it covers wide spectrum Ufo theme like video proof, crop circles / Arecibo messages, high ranking testimony and so on..!
Very convincing that something IS in fact going on up there and down here!
For me an absolute MUST SEE!
Sorry for the short german part but it makes it a lot more credible because they say how the balls of light created the cropcircle shown after. The guy in front of the tractor says he saw an object investigating a crop circle and it was 20cm in diameter and reflected very strong in the sun like silver foil.

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