Discovery of orgone effects: Man made time 2005 to

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Discovery of orgone effects: Man made time 2005 to 2011

Brief history…

Orgone: Discovered by Wilhelm Reich 60 plus years ago, “orgone” has so many other names like Chi, Ki and Life Force Energy. Various US government agencies attempted to destroy orgone research, as they still do today. Which also helps fuel more curiosity, research and especially humanitarian advancements. Some of today’s orgone devices are made using one or various types of materials. Such as resin, metal and other things.

Since Wilhelm Reich’s discovery many other orgone researchers have and continually help pioneer various advancements in orgone research.

Various effects from an orgone device do happen. How ever “when and where” any of these effects take place depends on a variety of things. Most of which can not be completely measured, such as consciousness. For those who chose being more aware, some or many effects can definitely be experienced.

This video concerns what I and others (family, friends, customers and others) have found so far.

Side note: I enhance my orgone devices by placing hand written words like Love Peace Harmony Compassion Happiness Oneness into all my orgone devices. I believe that this is one of the most optimal orgone construction ingredients at this point.

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