Tokyo Electric Power Company says that, in a worst case scenario, highly radioactive water may overflow from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant as early as June 20th.

The company is set to start operating filters for highly radioactive water from June 15th. However, it warns that if the filtering does not go to plan, highly radioactive water may overflow from a tunnel at the Number 2 reactor.

TEPCO says that by May 31st, 105,100 tons of waste water had accumulated. It contains an estimated 720,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances. Tera stands for one trillion.

The utility plans to treat 1,200 tons of water per day at a storage facility and transfer the filtered water to temporary tanks. It says it has already set up tanks for 13,000 tons of filtered water and will increase storage capacity by 20,000 tons per month.

TEPCO officials say that in the event the filters don't work properly, the utility will complete an additional underground tank for highly contaminated water by mid-August.

The basements of the reactor buildings and turbine buildings are full of highly radioactive water. The amount is increasing by 500 tons a day due to ongoing injections of fresh water to cool the damaged reactors and fuel rods.

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