Christ Jesus is the Light but what is Light and Da

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Christ Jesus is the Light but what is Light and Darkness? Most Christians of the Book proclaim that Christ Jesus is the Light of the world and if you happen to ask them what is Light and what is Darkness, then you can enjoy their blank faces having ...

Christ Jesus is the Light but what is Light and Darkness?
Most Christians of the Book proclaim that Christ Jesus is the Light of the world and if you happen to ask them what is Light and what is Darkness, then you can enjoy their blank faces having no answer. Most enjoyable is to ask this question to the University Professors in Theology and you will enjoy the most. Enjoyment in good faith is good but to mock some one is bad as Gospel, howsoever simple it may be, is always received on individual basis through revelations. Gospel Truth or His Word is received by those who are sensible and they work for our Father God. Gospel Truth is not given to the foolish as you find them in the Universities, who would trample over it. In the Universities, students are taught the dead letters of the old and the New Testaments and in their seminars, you will enjoy how they take the skins of the letters; dead in letters bury their dead in letters. Living in spirit will go for the Gospel Truth hidden under the Parables, the Field in which the Treasures are buried and the one who found those Treasures went home and sold his worldly possession to ply that Field in the wilderness Preaching Gospel so that our Father can give him more to spend and multiply, the Parable of Talents. I asked this question to many and hardly any one could hit the nail over the head. Many were very close in answer when they said Compassion is the Light but none of them gave the story of the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and looked after him in humanity. This is called Philanthropy or the Light that the Gentile or the Samaritans never lacked. For this reason, Christ Jesus did not Baptise any Gentile in Holy Spirit or served the Eucharist to any of them who were already Sealed to serve God. In fact, the Baptism of John, the Baptist in water in the name of Abraham and That of Christ Jesus, the Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber that Seals the person, whether male or female, into the service of God was meant for the Jewish people only as the Gentiles were already in the Royal Kingdom of God. That is why Christ Philip said, A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. So, Christ Jesus specially came for the Jews as they were in the Darkness of Letters lacking Holy Spirit of God that only rests in the hearts of people. That is why the Jews rejected the Light of Holy Spirit and preferred the Evil spirit of Satan and loved their Books that made them hypocrites, a breed that dominates in this Dark Age. How much the Jews of Books were in the Darkness is given in that Christ Jesus was Preaching Gospel in Jerusalem where these Jews were proudly reading Torah that Christ will come from the House of David and He would be born of a Virgin, etc but when Christ Jesus asked them what about the One standing in front of you, they could not identify Him as the woman of Samaria at the well did identify Him and honoured Him for the Gospel Truth that she discussed with Him. Further, if a Samaritan woman is so knowledgeable in spirit, then how much the Samaritan men were blessed with the holy spirit? That is why the Jews were hating the Samaritans as they would outwit them in spirit and laughed at their useless and corrupted Book knowledge that they themselves would not understand. The same situation I enjoy at Oxford where there are Theologians of the Books or Letters and they do not know what is the House or Temple of God built on Rock and what is built on Sand? Why Peter was given the Key to the kingdom of heaven and why he killed two liars Annias and Saphira? University dons have no idea of the kingdom of heaven never mind knowing the rest. Kingdom of heaven is where there is law and order based upon truth and truth is the rock over which the Temple of God is built with Gospel Truth. In fact, liars are not allowed into the Church of God as Christ Peter is the Gate Keeper to the Fold, Church of God, where the Apostles go through the Gate in honour of Christ Jesus to Preach or Sow the Seed of His Word in the hearts of people through Preaching like a Sower. But these days there are Churches of the countries or of the Cults like the blind defining an elephant and they have a Blind to spirit, a hireling dog-collared person of letters full of the old wine who hate Light or the Gospel Truth. For example, Church of England has two heads or shepherds, Christ Jesus and Queen, Head of Mammon. No wonder the soldiers are said to have glorified God by killing and looting the countries and their centaphs or memorial stones are placed in the Churches. So, the Rabbi and the Pharisee passed by the wounded person that they do not know him. Being once-born, they only help those who belong to them and not the Gentiles. No humanity. Sabbath is a special day devoted to God for philanthropic works but they hated Christ Jesus for philanthropic deeds. Even today, these Jews hate working on Sabbath for the welfare of humanity. They still hate Samaritans so much that if they have to cross through Samaria, they will go around it and not through it in case they may get polluted with the Light of our Father and become useless for their clever parents who address Gentile as Goyeshi Kopa, stone-headed people who are too simpletons and generous for them. Jews killed St.James, the Just for Preaching that in God, Jews and Gentiles are alike and Jews are not superior to Gentiles. Even today, just talk to a Jew and see

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