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Strange Crater on the Moon !!! Google Earth.

  • X17guy
  • uploaded: Jun 10, 2011
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  • Estanislao#

    Estanislao June 26, 2011 6:59:29 PM CEST

    that's been stretched via rubber stamp in photoshop... hiding something maybe.

  • Exodus624#

    Exodus624 June 13, 2011 6:58:58 AM CEST

    yea, they try to hide images all the time by using the blur/smudge tool, (You can ALMOST always tell when they make any "adjustments") sometimes they looks carelessly hidden.. but i guess like they say, to look less evident, hide in plain sight.... :\ who knows, man

  • Midnightvisions#

    Midnightvisions June 13, 2011 2:17:04 AM CEST

    Google Moon is full of these types of smears, its better to just forget it. The quality of the moon image has been reduced so much that an etch-a-sketch could have produced better images.

  • Rudeboi#

    Rudeboi June 13, 2011 12:49:15 AM CEST

    I know everyone wants to be really positive and all that but that is nothing but an artifact of compression.

  • Kb2zgn#

    Kb2zgn June 12, 2011 5:55:27 PM CEST

    It looks an awful lot to me like it is a digital "smear" or some error in the data. Keep looking though, there must be some things up there waiting to be discovered - if they haven't been already edited out.

  • Phoenix rising #

    Phoenix rising June 12, 2011 1:49:39 PM CEST

    very good find.

  • Likeaboss#

    Likeaboss June 12, 2011 9:16:50 AM CEST

    nice find, but need m0re research

  • Sexiboi#

    Sexiboi June 11, 2011 12:04:33 PM CEST

    its good that other people arenow searching this subject like i have been but richarc hoagland & mike bara are dead wrong! google moon is NOT ACCURATE! meaning that these things people are finding are much smaller than they appear to be, trust me i been doing this for 3 years solid and come up with so much evidence and proof that the spooks & yuppies cant take! just check my comments on my video's about the moon & mars as i am the greatest moon & mars searcher that has totally figured it all out!..

  • Theyear2010#

    Theyear2010 June 11, 2011 12:27:15 AM CEST

    nice find.it's definitely not nature made.

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