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Reptilian Secrets: How to easily spot and rid them


Reptilian Secrets: How to easily spot and rid them of our world.

It’s so simple and “in plain sight” that it can also be the most well kept and ancient reptilian secret ever. This goes well beyond most information concerning who and what all reptilians are. It can also be a simplistic way to really “see” any negative reptilian being face to face. First there is something you must know and it could shock you. This video explains this and much more. Including a possible simple whole solution. Something which no low frequency reptilian race wants you or anyone to ever realize. Beware of those who do not allow this video being a “video response” for their own reptilian video(s).

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  • Waterhawk#

    Waterhawk June 13, 2011 11:44:09 AM CEST

    My video did not mention Ike, but I do accept all awareness being potential for my experience.

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 June 12, 2011 11:28:56 PM CEST

    You might not realize it but its already been proven that when David Icke says reptilian, he is referring to the Jews. Old stories of the jews said they kidnap babies,kill them and use their blood to make motza balls to eat, these stories have all been said about the queen and others, David Ickes material has been banned in many countries because they are aware how he uses code to get his racist message across.He spreads the same thing about the Queen but doesnt call her a jew he calls her a reptilian. If you were to compare how many people he claims are reptilian you will find they they are also jewish LOL. I remember when David Icke claimed to be the son of god, then recently he announced he has never really been into religion. David Icke will say anything that he thinks will make him money. He has also been endorsed by the rascist group Combat 18. But dont take my word for it , do a little investigation into this and im sure you will see that you and many others have been decieved by David Ickes racist propaganda. I used to watch all of Ickes material until I seen the documentary called David Icke The Lizards and The Jews and that opened my eyes, they try to hide this from the camera but there is a moment in the documentary where his group do not realize they are being recorded and they make a comment about the pig jews or something and David Ickes true message was revealed. Not to mention that every book he has written has all been hijacked from others work. Specifically the stuff about a holographic universe. He stole that from another authors book.Also Zacharia Sitchins book never said they were reptilian he said they were Men with grey hair and beards.

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