Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman, St.Photina.

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Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman, Jews still hate Samaritans -4. NAMES OF THE FIVE HUSBANDS OF THE SAMARITAN WOMAN -- JOHN4 -- - 2. You should print this page in order to understand the subject of Trinity and the Gospel. Samaritan woman, neve...

Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman, St.Photina. Jews still hate Samaritans -4. NAMES OF THE FIVE HUSBANDS OF THE SAMARITAN WOMAN -- JOHN4 -- ST.PHOTINA - 2.
You should print this page in order to understand the subject of Trinity and the Gospel.
Samaritan woman, never mind their men, whose moral laws are written over their hearts, that is they go by the living spirit and not by the dead letters of the Books as the Samaritan man demonstrated, who picked up the wounded person and looked after him did, even she identified Christ Jesus after vetting Him in spirit and told Him that He is a Prophet and when Messiah will come, He will tell us everything of God. Christ Jesus was too happy to declare to her that He is the Christ Himself. She was so happy to hear that and being a Solitary, a Virgin not married to any Rabbi or her parents as the Jews were the Disciples but she was a Labourer like the born-blind person of John9, whose eyes Jesus opened with Spittal in the sense that whosoever drinkth from the Mouth of Christ Jesus becomes like Him, he answered all the questions himself not seeking the help of his parents or anyone else, that is he was a solitary Virgin in wisdom or master of his own destiny, a man of his own house, the Temple of God with the innerman, the Christ, the Royal Priest in his heart. Christ Jesus has made us the Fishers of such spiritual men and the Samaritan Woman too was a spiritual man that she told the villagers that I have found the Christ and now, you go to find it yourself by spirit. When, they came out of the village to greet and welcome Christ Jesus into their village, the colour of the Crop was White, sealed to serve God, with no speck of black or greed Ready for Harvesting. Christ Jesus harvested the Crop in two days and the Whole village became Apostles. The story of the Samaritan Woman, St.Photina is described by a Russian Bishop but the dead people of letters still call her a bad woman. Gospel is by the grace of our Father and it is not acquired by reading the letters of the Holy Books. Here is the link:-
Jews still hate the Samaritans and even today, they do not enter the Samaritan villages in case they catch the merciful Light of God and become honest and merciful. Their parents would call such a boy Goyeshi Koppa useless for them to cheat people or to become rich in order to serve Mammon rather than God. This is reflected in the boasting of the Jews that his son is a big business man, doctor, lawyer, etc but not a road or toilet cleaner.) That is why the Gentile did not need Christ Jesus but the spiritually sick Jews. They hated Light and loved Darkness so much so that they bring in their old Torah, the old rotten cloth full of holes useless or deadly poison to the Gospel, New Testament. That is why Christ Jesus said, You cannot patch the old cloth with the Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands. Otherwise the patch would become worse as you can see today. University Professors are happily teaching the letters of the Two Books and they are not interested in the spiritual interpretations that they are incapable of understanding after being drunk with the old wine of the letters.
Now, you can easily understand that in a house, physical body, there are Five; three against two and two against three. These are of Ego, HAUMAE in Punjabi and KHUDI in Arabic and of Mind, MUNN or NAFS. The Three of Ego are tribal birth that you belong to a high caste or family such as Royal and indulge in immoral activities, physical fitness such as a footballer or a wrestler and the pride of Book knowledge such as the university Professors. The two of Mind are Greed, LOBHH and Worldly attractions, MOH. When you have overpowered them, then you get sealed to serve God only. Typical example of this fight between the three and two is the recent Holocaust in Germany when the poor could not buy a loaf of bread whereas the Jews were well off. In extreme cases, such riots are common because there are people who worship Mammon and not God as the Samaritans or the Communists did making the living comfortable for all. There is harmony in the society, where people have contentment. It is only the contented people who are merciful, the Chief Quality or Light of our Father. Shame, truth, contentment and Mercy is the Way of Life.
In a nutshell, Gospel howsoever simple may be, you cannot have it without the grace of our Father.

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