Secret Pentagon Briefung: Eugenics & Chemtrails

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Pentagon Department of Defense briefing from 2005. They want to alter populations DNA to breed out religious impulses via vaccinations and aerosol spraying from above. They purport to have isolated a problematic gene causing religious impulsive behavior, of which the presence supposedly can be identified with brain scans. So again for OUR "SAFETY"...another vaccine.

Hmmmm....I wonder if this the latest additive to our chem-trails and flouridated water supplies. Yes they love the people so much that they want us all to have great teeth!

The problem these morons will never understand is that our physical bodies are merely vessels holding our souls, until we have the first death and leave the vessel behind for these scientists to poke and prod.

FunVax is a Government made viral vaccine that "cures" religious fundamentalism. It inhibits VMAT2 the so called "God Gene" which causes people to be prone to have spiritual experiences. Although FunVax has brought stability to several countries in the Middle East and is currently responsible for the pro-democracy rallies through out the Middle East we believe that it is a dangerous precedent for the future. We also worry about FunVax spreading to Western Countries and disrupting the belief system in the US and Europe. Joey Lambardi originally leaked this information and is planning on making all his evidence available at

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Joey Lambardi Releases "FunVax Pentagon Lecture!"

This is a lecture by an unidentified scientist given to DoD officials inside the Pentagon. It is dated 4-13-05 -- about a year after the "God Gene" was first discovered. The scientist describes a plan to alter the "God Gene" in the Middle Easter Population in order to end the turmoil in that region. I acquired the video through an unknown source and from my knowledge, connections and experience as part of a unit called combat camera, I have verified it to be authentic.

What is Funvax:

Vmat2, or the God Gene: Reading Spirituality in the Human Genome:

Understanding The Libyan Conflict:


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